The MLSGA_Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby.



Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate Association is a church organized association comprises of students, graduates, school leavers, business and working class people. It was an initiative taken by some of our pioneer students, graduates and elites with an aim to unite fellow students and Working class alike. It’s a unique platform being created by our very own elites. Perhaps to bind us together as the flesh of Christ Jesus so that we could hold on to our Christian values, principles and most of all our faith in Lord, Jesus Christ in the midst of this challenging and ever changing modern PNG society. 

Despite of circumstances and challenges our senior elites have to endure, they eventually managed to organize and form it with the help of our Good Lord, Almighty God. The association was officially recognized and launched in 2009. It was thereafter blessed by Late Bishop Rt. Reverend Sanangke Dole for the members to commence its envisioned program activities.  

After the formation and launching of the association, it was left to sleep as some of its intended program activities were partly carried out. But some elites took the initiative to revive it again especially in Western Highlands Province. That was made possible through the help of our good Lord with the persistent prayers of our Christians members of MLCPNG. On January 2015, the first retreat program was held at Kamdika Congregation and the attendance was not that good, but the main aim of the retreat program was to awake Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates Association. The main agenda discussed during the retreat was to send a signal to every members so that we would have the sense of responsibility to respond and focus onto to the highest calling from GOD in the midst of busyness in life.  

The MLSGA Southern Region (MLSGA SR) was part of the discussion amongst other participants from certain provinces including Madang, Goroka, Lae and Kimbe that have attended the retreat program help in Kamdika. However MLSGA Southern Region slowly took its part way up by uniting all the school students and Graduates in Port Moresby with the help of Exodus Congregation with God.  

The association appointed its executives in 2018 and they are, Desmond Kipa as coordinator, Issac Thomas as Vice Coordinator, Milrose Kipa as Treasurer and Junior Tei Noki as secretary to lead the members of association of six provinces as mentioned above. Though we haven’t make
sufficient in terms of fully implementing scheduled activities that we scheduled the association have been having but pray and hope that our good lord will continue to lead us through his divine wisdom and guidance as we move on.  

Due to the locations of the schools and place of residences in NCD and four other provinces the executives of the MLSGA Southern Region have been doing their best to unite their members to at least accomplish the vision of MLSGA towards “Empowering Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates with God’s Word In Unity” and also accomplishing the mission through “Organizing and Coordinating of its targeted members of Melpa Lutheran Church.  

Given the goal and the mission of the association the executives designed another new association profile to manage the affairs of the association and its members within the southern region therefore we believe in GOD we think and have positive mind that he’ll help us in one way or the other to unite all the members in such big city like Port Moresby. 

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