The MLSGA_Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby.


Completion of Website Creation and Registration of Private Domain

This is to announce the Members of Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates Association- Southern Region that our website is now fully created and registered a domain to host is privately.

The website creation is a fulfilment to one of the meeting resolutions to one of the MLSGA Southern region Executive Meetings. In our discussion we decided to create a  website so that we can use
digital platform in communications and disseminating information.

The purpose of this website is to organise and keep in touch with all Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate studying and working or living in the Southern Region.

Our website address is: .
This reads: www dot mlsga dash southern dot org. 

We encourage members of MLSGA in the Southern Region to either follow or subscribe to the website by email so that whenever we post any latest tokave/news and updates, you are well informed.

Optionally you can contact the administrators via the CONTACT FORM in this website so that we register your email in our mailing list so that we keep you in the loop on latest updates.

We also encourage everyone to comment on this site for improvement.


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