The MLSGA_Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby.


  • Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate Association-Southern Region

    The Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate Association(MLSGA) - Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby.

  • Exodus Congregation Easther Bible Camp 2020

    The 2020 Exodus Congregation Easter Bible Camp was successfully hosted and completed from 9th of April 2020 to 12th of April 2020. Upon the completion of the bible camp, the responsibility of hosting the next easter bible camp was handed over to Bushwara House Prayer. It is expected that the 2021 Easter Bible camp will be hosted by Bushwara House Prayer in Bushwara.

  • Exodus Congregation Port Moresby

    Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen.

  • Exodus Sunday School

    Exodus Sunday School is run concurrently with the Congregations programs. The Sunday School programs runs on a centralised program. Two sundays are taught at each house prayers and combine classes are taught during combined Sunday Services

  • Exodus Confirmation Service

    Confirmation and and Holy Communicon Service at Exodus Congregation

Exodus Easter Bible Camp - 2023

 The 2023 Easter Bible Camp will be hosted by Tete-Gerehu and University Hous Prayer.

Venue will be at Tete Last Block.

Dates: 6th to 9th of April, 2023.

Thursday night, will be welcome night. Friday 7th and Saturday 8th will be Bible Study.

Official Program will be updated and posted towards the Easter dates.

Plan a head for this event and join your Christian friends at the event.

Exodus Sunday School Song along - 2023


Mulg krumulga pol ela, Yesu rupndi pol tanga mulg mui ralg oi pemba


Announcement : MLSGA_Southern Region Meet and Greet

 This is a notice to all MLSGA-Southern Region members that out Meet and Greeting is on the 25th of September 2021.

Program starts at 8am and it will at Morata Exodus Congregation Area.

There will be exciting events like meet and greet, sports and light lunch etc..

All welcome and be part of the group.


Announcement for MLSGA Southern Region - Meeting on 11th September 2021 at Morata Church at 13:00 Hours

 This is an announcement to ALL the MLSGA Southern Region members. There will be a second meeting scheduled on Saturday the 11th of September 2021.  It is required that both graduates and students who are free from their personal schedules to attend this important meeting. 

Note: Students from Grade 9-12 and those in tertiary institutions (Vocational, Coll├Ęge/University)

Details of meeting schedule:

Date: 11th  September 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 13:00 -16:00 (1-4pm)

Venue: Morata Church 

Thank you very much for your attention.

From: MLSGA- Southern Region Secretary 


Toksave for MLSGA Southern

 Attention all MLSGA Southern Members 

First of all I would like to pass our sincere apologies to all the members of this association. Our planned actives and meetings were not held as per planned therefore we as an executives this association would like to pass our Apology to its members.

Secondly, Few of our elites proposed to schedule a meeting for MLSGA Southern.  Therefore  we had a discussion and planned to have a meeting next weekend. Thus, it might be a late but please do bear with the scheduled, time and Date.

Time: 1-4pm
Venue: Morata Delta 
Date: Saturday 4th September 

Please do come and attend the meeting. Agendas will be collected at the meeting and we will make further discussion as a family.

All students and working elites are urged to attend this important meeting on the scheduled time, date and location.

May you all have a blessed Day

Kind Regards 
MLSGA southern Secretary (wokboi nating)

Tok bilong GOD_Exodus


Welcome Song by Youth, Exodus MLC PNG